We invest in minority shares in companies and real estate.

__Our mission

We invest in Czech companies with a tradition and potential for future growth.
We maximize the economic potential of companies and value them.
We always pay attention to a fair and human approach. We support the knowledge economy.
Our entry into your company will give you a new start in life.

__Our contribution

Evaluation of the share within weeks.
Fair dealing, clear setting of conditions and an interesting financial offer.
Efficient and fast transaction settlement.
Resources for the implementation of your own projects.
Transfer of the share into capable hands and continuation of the legacy of the established company.
Long-term partner for possible other projects.

__Minority investments

  • We have a strong financial background.
  • We focus on long-term investments and partnerships
  • We support investments in technology, automation, robotics, final products with added value.
  • We are developing the market in the area of ​​investments in minority shares.
  • We are increasing the value of minority shares.
  • We offer a fresh start to minority shareholders who have decided to sell them.